September Skies: Kennebunk/port Coast

Beach at the mouth of the Mousam River. Sony HX400V in-camera HDR

Beach at the mouth of the Mousam River. Sony HX400V in-camera HDR.

It was one of those perfect September days (just, it was the 3rd) on the coast of Maine. I started the day with a photoprowl to the beach and the Kennebunk Bridle Path along the Mousam River on my bike. I did a lot of processing when I got home, but it was too nice a day to stay in front of the computer, and I back out, up along the coast from Strawberry Island to Cape Arundel and the Bush Estate, on my scooter. On both photoprowls I was carrying the Sony HX400V.

The beach and the sky above it were amazing. The horizon was at its maximum and perfectly clear. High clouds were coming in from the west and piling out over the sea. I used the flip out LCD on the Sony for a variety of low angle shots, and took a few sweep panoramas. These (except for the panorama) are all in-camera HDR shots from the Sony. All are processed for HDR effect in Lightroom.


Around the corner from the sea, along the course of the Mousam, looking inland was just as spectacular and the sky over Back Creek Marsh and the road to the beach was something special.


As I walked along the back side of the dunes, between the dunes and Back Creek, hundreds of dragonflies came up over the dune, coming in off the sea around Great Head Point into a stiff breeze. They were mostly Green Darners, with a few Wandering Gliders and maybe one or two Black Saddlebags. I put the camera in Sports mode and tried for some flight shots. There were also a whole group of Cabbage White Butterflies feeding on the Moth Mullen on the dune. As I was shooting a single butterfly on the flowers, a second did a perfect photo bomb! The butterflies are at the full 1200 equivalent field of view of the zoom on the HX400V, the dragonfly is at about 600mm and cropped.

I continued on my bike to the Kennebunk Bridle Path, which runs along the course of the Mousam River on the other side from the beach. It passes through forest and marsh all the way back to Kennebunk. There is what I call a water meadow on the other side of the path from the river, not far in, where a tidal brook enters the Mousam. The meadow/marsh is always beautiful, in every season, especially with an interesting sky above it. I took some more in-camera HDR shots, and tried both horizontal and vertical sweep panoramas. The horizontal panorama is shot with the camera in portrait orientation for the tall/wide effect. The vertical panorama is difficult to view on your average screen. Click on it to open it in a new window. Click again to expand it to full size if you want to study the detail.

In-camera HDR from the Sony HX400V, processed in Lightroom.

In-camera HDR from the Sony HX400V, processed in Lightroom.

tall/wide panorama using portrait orientation and sweep panorama.

tall/wide panorama using portrait orientation and sweep panorama.


vertical sweep panoramas catch a lot of sky above the landscape for unique view.

On the way back across the Mousam River I stopped my bike long enough for a shot upriver. I could not actually get off the bike as the margin on the bridge is very narrow and cars were a constant danger, but I got what I needed.

Looking up river from the Rt. 9 bridge on the Mousam.

Looking up river from the Rt. 9 bridge on the Mousam.

Later in the day I decided to take my scooter and ride along the whole stretch of coast from Strawberry Island off Great Head in Kennebunk, to Cape Arundel and the George Bush Estate. The clouds were gathering, and I did not have full sun for some of the ride, but it was still spectacular. I have photographed St. Anne’s Church on Old Fort Point many times, in all kinds of weather.

St. Anne's Church. Kennebunport ME

St. Anne’s Church. Kennebunport ME

The same goes for the Bush Estate on Walker’s Point. I like the flowers here in the foreground. They are planted around the memorial to George Bush Senior, who summered in his wife’s family’s home on the point for most of his adult life.

Walker's Point and the Bush Estate.

Walker’s Point and the Bush Estate.

We will finish up with another vertical sky panorama, looking back over Colony Beach and the mouth of the Kennebunk River into Kennebunkport and Kennebunk.

Big sky over Kennebunkport

Big sky over Kennebunkport


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